Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions when book a rental car with Bali Car Hire.

  • A valid International Driving License or Tourist Driving License is required for foreigners, and a valid National Driving License is required for Indonesian citizens or KITAS holder.
  • Rental rate is inclusive of full coverage insurance for the rental car including any damage, loss of the car or any part of it. Full insurance coverage is subject to own risk excess of US$ 55 to US$ 150 per accident (if occurred). If not insured, any damage or loss of the car or any part of it, will be a customer’s own risk responsibility.
  • Self-driving rental rates are for 24 hours a day. In the event of additional hours, the renter will be charged at US$ 5 or equivalent per-HOUR. If the renter wish to extend the use of the car please inform the rental company not less than 24 hours before the expiry date and time, otherwise the car may be pre-booked by another renter. If the renter does not inform the rental company for more than 48 hours after expiry date and time, the rental company has a right to report it to the police department stated that the rented vehicle has been lost. All the actions and consequences of is the responsibility of the renter.
  • The renter must sign the contract agreement before using the rental car.
  • The renter will be fully responsible for any damage, loss of the car or any part of it, if the vehicle is not driven on the right road surfaces (e.g. beach, courts, heavy mud off-road, etc.).
  • The renter will be fully responsible to any consequences caused by actions of letting or giving the car to be driven by a person other than the renter which is stated in the contract agreement.
  • It is not permitted to drive the rental car to outside of the island without approval of the rental company.
  • All payments are quoted in US$ (US Dollars). Please use the currency converter (available at the right sidebar of this page) to see how much your booking would cost in your country’s currency. Please note the function of the currency converter is for comparison only.
  • If the renter wish to return the rental car prior to end of the booking contract, a 50% of the remaining days will be charged.
  • A one day rental charge will be applied if cancellation is made less than 24 hours before arrival. Refunds does not apply to the rental car insurance.
  • The currency converter which available on the right sidebar is for comparison only and not constitute an actual price.
  • Other terms and conditions applied which not stated on this terms and conditions can be seen on the rental car contract agreement.
  • BCR Sewatama Internasional has a right to update or modify the content of this terms and conditions at any times without prior notice.

***End of Terms & Conditions***